In this age of widespread disruption, we believe that companies must innovate continuously, creating new markets, experiences, products, services, content and processes. It is for this reason that we have embraced new areas of office technology. We believe in fostering diversity within our partnerships and encouraging our company workforce to flourish. Select Business Systems is not your typical suit-and-tie copier company. Rather, it’s a diverse, forward-thinking, innovative technology company. We encourage diversity in all aspects of a professional work environment.

Being in the technology industry, we’re surrounded by diversity and innovation daily. We believe innovation equals economic potential. The evolution of technology has expanded us into our newest of product offerings available through our relationship with Foxconn Technology Group. Foxconn is a multinational electronic contracts manufacturing company. Today, they are the world’s largest provider of electronics manufacturing services and the 4th largest Information Technology company by revenue. Notable partners include: Acer Inc.,, Apple Inc., BlackBerry LTD., Cisco, Dell, Google, Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft. This unique relationship allows us to provide the best of breed products to meet the individual technology needs of each client, and has catapulted us further into automation. Being more diversified allows us to better understand the mindsets of both our analog and digital clients.

Understanding diversity in the workplace promotes meeting the current needs of all local businesses in the community. Some of our diverse product offerings include: Digital Displays, Video Walls, Content Management, Skywell -Atmospheric Water Generators, Telephony, Dell & HP Computers & Laptops, Cisco Servers, Managed Network Services and Proactive Information Technology.

Select Business Systems views diversity in the workplace as a strength. We believe it plays a crucial role in the workplace and is the key to unleashing innovation. We have hired a diverse leadership team throughout our organization to encourage diversity. These efforts promote acceptance, respect, and teamwork despite our differences in the workplace. We continue to encourage a culture of equality and innovation.

The benefits of diversity in the workplace of varying viewpoints and backgrounds lead to more creativity and motivate team members to sharpen their personal performance. People from diverse backgrounds are constantly struggling to understand each other better. In order to get along and thrive at work, we must take each other’s divergent family histories and cultural backgrounds into account. When you treat people as individuals and respect their individuality, it naturally promotes a variety of knowledge. When we have variety, we have better solutions, better tactics, and overall more options for success.

Diversity strengthens the core values of workforce individuality in addition to the freedom to innovate.

Diversity provides a backstop defense against the natural tendencies of homogenization and conformity.

For those that believe diversity poses hardship and struggle, we disagree. We believe workplaces with foundations strong enough not to have to rely on homogeneity will be the strongest companies imaginable. It is when we are pushed to do insurmountable things that we shine the brightest.