Are You Being Scammed By a Toner Pirate?

Toner scams are quite common. How can you tell if you’re talking to a toner pirate? A toner scammer will try to sound official but if you question them or ask for more details, they will often become impatient, pushy and rude. Sometimes they will even hang up on you. Typically they will make their first call to ask for the model numbers of your equipment. At a later time they will call back, appearing to have a knowledge of your company, office equipment and supply needs. In some cases they will even tell you that they are calling from Select Business Systems. The scammers will tell you that you need to lock in your pricing today and pressure you into acting fast or committing to buy from them.

If you believe you are speaking with a scam artist who claims to be with Select Business Systems, get their name and tell them you will call them back at Select Business System’s toll free number (1-800-365-8804). If they are not, in fact, with the company, they will probably try and give you a different number or become frustrated.

Remember: Select Business Systems will NEVER pressure you into buying supplies.

Important to know…

  • If used, toner supplied by toner scam companies may damage your equipment and void its warranty.
  • Toner scam artists prey on employees who are not informed. Train employees not to give out information about your business equipment to anyone that is not with Select Business Systems
  • If a toner scam artist sends you a toner even though you didn’t agree to purchase it, don’t sign for it. If someone does sign for it, send it back.
  • They are selling toners for $400, $500 and sometimes even $600 each! Often times they will send you toners you didn’t order and pressure you into paying for them.

    The most important factor in protecting your business against toner pirates is to keep your employees and co-workers informed. Please download this informational sheet and distribute it throughout your office.