Do you recycle toners?
Yes. There are a few options for recycling your used Sharp toners.
You can give us your old cartridges if we deliver new supplies to your office or you can drop off your old cartridges to our office and we can recycle them for you. You can also recycle your cartridges directly through Sharp.

Am I being scammed by toner pirates?

Toner scams are quite common. How you tell if you’re talking to a toner pirate? Learn More ►

Which brands of supplies do you sell?

Toner: Sharp, Kyocera, Oki
Ink: HP

Do you sell large-format supplies?
We sell ink for HP large-format printers. However we do not supply paper for large-format equpiment.

Do you offer supply delivery?
Yes. We offer supply delivery across the Central Valley, as well as the Central Coast.