Protect Your Confidential Information

The security of the documents you print, copy and scan on a daily basis can often be overlooked. What could be more crucial than keeping the confidential and personal information of your clients, customers and patients secure? Most copiers contain a hard-drive, which stores data and information just like a computer. Copiers are valuable assets that help us work quickly and efficiently however, if left unprotected, your copier can be your company’s biggest liability. Select Business Systems can secure your important documents with our Enhanced Data Security Kits that utilize Sharp's multi-layer approach to security.

Key Benefits & Features

  • Sensitive Data does not remain on the device
  • Helps your company conform to data privacy laws and regulations
  • Reduces your company’s exposure to liability due to data leaks
  • Encrypts data prior to storing it to memory
  • Encrypts all data sored to the Hard Drive
  • All memory is cleared after copy, scan and print use
  • Runs automatically without user initiation

Our Commitment to Data Security

A Data Security Kit will keep your data secure while it’s in your office. When it comes time to upgrade or replace your old document system, you can relax with the knowledge that Select Business Systems takes extra precautions to ensure your data won’t end up in someone else’s hands. We remove the hard drives of every machine that is traded in and wipe them regardless of the brand. All hard drives from printers and MFPs are removed and wiped to DOD 5220.22-M 3 Pass Standard using WipeDrive Professional; a program trusted by many organizations including the U.S. Department of defense and Department of Homeland Security.

Customers may also keep the hard drive from their old machine for a small fee which covers the cost of purchasing a new hard drive, installing it and reprogramming it. Customers may also take and wipe their own hard drives to their satisfaction and return them to us at no charge.