This low cost solution will not only keep your devices properly connected to your network, but will also help your company better budget this expense on a monthly basis. Connectivity issues and the typical costs that follow can come as quite a surprise.

Why worry when for only $19.95/month (per MFP) you can rest assured that your technology experience is simple and hassle-free without additional labor charges.

Below is a breakdown of how our Connectivity Support Agreement benefits your company:

With Support Coverage:

  • Use of Power Filter - INCLUDED 
  • Help Desk Support - INCLUDED
  • Remote Support - INCLUDED 
  • Service Loaners -  INCLUDED
  • Network Troubleshooting* - INCLUDED
  • Scanning Configuration - INCLUDED
  • Print Driver Updates - INCLUDED 
  • Fax Troubleshooting - INCLUDED
  • On-Going Key-Op Training -  INCLUDED
  • Without Support Coverage:

  • Cover Cost of Power Filter - $150.00
  • Help Desk Support - $40.00 per 1/2 hour
  • Remote Support - $40.00 per 1/2 hour
  • Service Loaners - Rental rates vary 
  • Network Troubleshooting* - $196.00 per hour
  • Scanning Configuration - $196.00 per hour
  • Print Driver Updates - $196.00 per hour
  • Fax Troubleshooting - $196.00 per hour 
  • On-Going Key-Op Training - $196.00 per hour
  • *Network Troubleshooting as it pertains to MFPs

    ​For more information or to get signed up contact our office:
    Phone: (559)446-0123

    Connectivity support is limited to the installation and configuration of software and hardware provided by Select Business Systems with the Digital MFP.  Connectivity support does not extend to the installation and configuration of software such as Operating Systems, applications and graphics programs, print spoolers, firewalls and anti-virus software, or hardware such as routers, switches and premise wiring. Any issues related to items such as Operating System corruption, virus removal or hardware failure (not related to the MFP itself) should be referred to your regular IT support personnel.